**Volunteer Guidelines**


Volunteer Opportunities

Parental involvement is vital to a child’s education. When families take an active role in their children’s education research shows that children benefit academically, as well as socially. Your involvement in the environment where your child spends much of their day’s time allows you to know what is happening at school & facilitates conversation with your child about school. St. Michael Catholic School provides many opportunities for you to get involved on a regular or occasional basis. Your time and talents are greatly appreciated.



Volunteers operate in a position of trust. Personal information pertaining to students, faculty and staff must be kept confidential. Children’s actions, responses, progress or problems at school are not for sharing in the community. Conversations between parents, teachers and students are confidential. Volunteers should not discuss these conversations outside the school. Student confidentiality is covered under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Refer any concerns to the school Administration.


Volunteer Dress

St.Michael School has very detailed expectations for student dress. Although volunteers do not have a dress code requirement, it is expected that volunteers reflect the image of St. Michael School and wear modest clothing while working in the school or during school activities. Appropriate Dress Includes:

  • Moderate length for skirts and shorts (fingertips should not touch the skin of your leg while hands are down by your side)

  • Conservative blouses and tops, not showing midriffs or with low cut necklines. Straps that are 2 inches or less in thickness must be worn with a sweater or sweatshirt

  • Workout apparel including athletic shorts, leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, spanks or tank tops are unacceptable.

  • T-Shirts worn with writing on them must be respectful in nature

  • Flip flops are to not be worn



One of the most important things a volunteer can do is follow a teacher’s or other employees lead. Please follow the employee's directions and do not try to change procedures or lesson plans. Please refrain from using an employee's first name in front of students. When you are volunteering or chaperoning, siblings should not accompany you to the activity unless prior arrangements have been made. Last, but not least, please remember you are the face and voice of St.Michaels Catholic School in the community. We trust you will always be our Goodwill Ambassador.


Report Suspected Abuse or Neglect

As a volunteer, you are in a unique position to observe students. If you suspect that a student may be the victim of abuse or neglect, report it immediately to the administration, teacher, or another employee


Volunteering is a Privilege

Volunteering is a privilege, not a right. All volunteers serve at the sole discretion of the building principal, office personnel, or teacher. Permission to volunteer in a school may be revoked at any time by the Administration.


List of Volunteer Opportunities (but are not limited to)



Bake Sales

Fundraising Activities

Athletic Activities and Management


Office Support


Field Trips