Uniform Policy

2018 - 2019

All regular school uniforms and gym uniforms must be purchased through Educational Outfitters at 14 Broad St, Nashua, NH 03064. They can be reached at:


Educational Outfitters / Saint Michael School Uniform Website

Uniform additions / changes from this school year 

There are minimal changes to this year's uniform policy... but there are some additions.

Change: NEW Gray PE and PreK / Kindergarten T-Shirt. (blue t-shirt will no longer be part of the school uniform)

Additions: New modern mesh shorts and non elastic bottom sweatpants are now available. Previous year's sweatpants, sweatshirts, and shorts may still be worn as the school uniform.

Uniform blouses and oxford shirts will now have the SMS shield on the collar or chest. Prior blouses and oxford shirts may still be worn.

Non Uniform Days

On occasion, students will be allowed to wear their own appropriate clothing. We will have fun themed dress down days, fundraiser dress down days, and students in 8th grade will have their own dress up day once a month. It is important to follow the guidelines below so we can keep having these dress down day events. 

The following guidelines apply to these special no-uniform days:

Pants must be a safe length.  Pants that drag on the floor will not be allowed.

Baggy pants are not allowed.

Inappropriate t-shirts are not allowed.

Shirts depicting musical groups are not allowed.

Short skirt/shorts are not allowed

Shoulders and midriffs should be covered.  No spaghetti straps or tank tops will be allowed.

Camouflage designs are not allowed.

Sandals or backless shoes are not allowed.


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