The Specialists contribute to the mission of the school by creating lessons and activities that require respect, teamwork and responsibility.  As the specialists educate the entire school it is essential that they follow the mission.  

All Specialists create their lessons with the best interest of the students in mind both educationally and spiritually.  The lessons are challenging and show continuity throughout the school year.  Specialists teach the whole school their lessons show continuity as students are promoted.  

Each Specialist creates lesson plans that not only build upon each other weekly, they also construct their plans to follow students throughout their grade level promotions.  They are also aware of new students that have not followed the previous years’ plans and help aid those students while they acclimate and learn their new curriculum.

The Specialists do not follow a set curriculum plan as they create their own lessons and experiences that are approved by the Administration.  They create grade level skills that are challenging for the students and flow from one lesson to the next.  They do not follow strict curriculum guidelines as seeing a class one or two times per week can be challenging if more or less time is needed on a specific skill.  The flexibility in curriculum allows for class specific advancement in lessons.

The lessons that are planned by Specialists are appropriate to the ranges of students’ needs and also to the demographics of our student body.  As our cultural demographic has changed it is exciting to learn more about other cultures and incorporate them into class discussion and lessons.

School and student goals are an instrumental part in a Specialist’s curriculum.  Specifically, Physical Education keeps charts on students’ improvements during the Presidential Physical Fitness so they can achieve and improve upon personal goals.  As Specialists teach the entire student body the overall academic and social goals are high priority as we help to mold the students from Pre Kindergarten through the completion of their journey in eighth grade.