Social Studies



Through the Social Studies curriculum, students are exposed to the world around them.  They learn to work together and rely on each other which reflect the mission of Saint Michael School.  From year to year, Social Studies skills and curriculum topics are introduced, reinforced and mastered. The students are reminded of their responsibility to others through the identification of social concerns through classroom activities. 


Cooperative learning techniques are continued from year to year in order to provide an inclusive and hands on learning approach.   Grade appropriate content in the areas of community, state, country, government, and world topics are built upon year after year.  Information is presented using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles.  Students share Social Studies learning within each classroom and within the school as a whole.


Teachers use various methods to educate the heterogeneous group.  Online technology enables the students to review textbook information at home through the use of reinforcement games, map skills, virtual tours, timelines and vocabulary.  Current events issues are viewed through the use of newspapers, weekly readers, and Scholastic publications.  Videos, movies, and DVDs are tools used to support and enhance teaching methods.


Saint Michael School seeks to create well rounded and educated students. Through our strong academic foundation, students participate in the world around them.   They involve themselves in community service projects like visiting nursing homes, collecting for local organizations, and collecting items for the needy.