Students at Saint Michael School are provided with a challenging and appropriate mathematics curriculum from grades Pre-K through Eight. Students learn mathematics through teamwork and fulfill the school’s mission by participating in cooperative learning activities and through the use of mathematics manipulatives.


Mathematics skills are introduced at appropriate grade levels and are reinforced and built upon as the students progress through their academic career at Saint Michael School.


Starting in PreK and K, the foundation of basic mathematics skills is laid. In subsequent grade levels, skills are reviewed, reinforced, expanded upon, and ultimately mastered. Information is presented using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles. Students share Mathematics learning within each classroom and within the school as a whole.


Through diverse teaching methodologies the students are continually challenged in learning mathematics skills. Mathematics is the universal language. Saint Michael School produces students who are well-versed in mathematics concepts, skills, and terminology. Every student has access to textbooks and supplementary practice materials.