English classes are taught within the context of a Catholic environment emphasizing respect and responsibility for all individuals.  Continuity of instruction is obtained from one grade level to the next by following scope and sequence of the text series as well as previous teachers’ comments/recommendations.  Accommodations are made with respect to individual needs.  Concessions include Title 1 services and 504 accommodations.  Teachers offer extra help sessions and vary their lesson plans depending upon the student's’ needs.   A variety of teaching styles is used by faculty.  There are adequate and available resources utilized by the teacher including textbooks, handouts, and supplemental materials.  

The school’s goals for the students and the students’ goals are met in a number of ways.  Study skills and writing and speaking skills will contribute to the students’ success and enable them to be accepted at a variety of higher education facilities.  They become life-long learners and successful members of society