The Religion Program at St. Michael School encompasses all aspects of our missions statement through our structured Catholic environment. The Religion program through all grades teach students to live out all catholic values in their everyday experiences. The consistency of our Religion program builds upon each level as the children advance from year to year it reflects our beliefs about teaching Religion in coordinates with our school religious curriculum plan.

The wide range of Religious beliefs that our students have are exposed to the Roman Catholic faith in a appropriate way so they can live out the mission of Jesus Christ and bring the Kingdom of God to our environment where they are loving and caring for each other. We implement various teaching methods and utilize all  available resources that help contribute to education of our students with a strong academic foundation.  Resources implemented include but are not limited to, text, class discussion, projects, journal writing, and guest speakers.  


The goals of our school is to have every child to live as a child of God. Exposing students to the significance of God in their everyday life. We want them to live as a child of God in every aspect of their lives by loving God, themselves, and others the way God wants us to live. Our goal is to have students practice the ten commandments in their daily lives.


We utilize the available resources we have the best ways possible.  It would be beneficial to have more resources such as online capabilities.  There is also a need for in house professional development opportunities for teachers to receive their Religion certification. Teachers could benefit from monthly scheduled common planning time into the school year calendar to discuss and enhance the Religion program and other academic areas that benefit the whole child.


Our community is strengthened by our many opportunities to prayer together as a community.  Morning prayer, prayers of intercession, weekday and weekend masses, stations of the cross, prayer services, Catholic school week activities, many altar servers, participation in funeral services.

Tradition is very strong in our community.