Athletics - Equipment


Equipment responsibilities for Student/Athletes:

The following is a list for required safety equipment as stated in the EAA League and St. Michael School policy.  List is subject to change per season.

  • Fall Sports

    • Boys/Girls soccer – black soccer socks, mouth guards, rubber soccer cleats and shin pads

    • Volleyball – kneepads and sneakers

    • Cross country – running sneakers

  • Winter Sports

    • Boys/Girls Basketball – basketball sneakers, t-shirt (optional) must match the uniform tank color

    • Cheerleading – Socks, cheerleading sneakers, briefs, body suits

    • Bowling – sneakers, Gym uniform

  • Spring Sports

    • Baseball – glove, rubber baseball cleats, socks, athletic supporter, gray baseball pants, bat -3 drop weight to length ratio (optional)

    • Softball – glove, rubber softball cleats, socks, black softball pants, bat (optional)

    • Tennis – sneakers, black tennis skirt or shorts, racket

    • Track and field – running shoes