Athletics - Academic Requirements

Student/Athlete Academic Requirements: Playing a sport for St. Michael School is a privilege.  Student/athletes must meet the following academic criteria to gain eligibility to participate in the Sports program.

Academics come first over all extra-curricular activities.

Any Student/athlete:

  • Who obtains a “failing” grade (in any subject) on either a Progress Report or a Report Card will be deemed ineligible and suspended from team activity for no less than 2 weeks.  The student/athlete’s grades will be reassessed post suspension and the Administration of St. Michael School shall subsequently determine eligibility.

  • Who receives 2 or more “failing” grades (in any subject) on either a Progress Report or a Report Card will be deemed “indefinitely ineligible”. Eligibility can only be restored through a decision by St. Michael School Administration.

  • Who obtains 2 or more grades of “D” on a single Progress Report or Report Card shall be deemed ineligible and immediately placed on “monitored probation” for a 2-week period.  During the “monitored probation” period, the student will be ineligible to participate in any and all practices or games unless the St. Michael School Administration waives all or some of the probationary period as a result of the student demonstrating an acceptable level of academic progress.

  • Who shows poor “Conduct” and/or “Effort” shall also be subject to a 2-week suspension until he/she shows progress in that area.

  • Who receives a detention must make arrangements for transportation to the game or practice.

  • Who receives an “in-house suspension” or an “out-house suspension” shall miss any and all sports related activities until he/she serves the suspension in its entirety.

  • If a students is late or dismissed during the day of school, they must be present at school for more than 3 hours of the day to take part in any athletic activity.