Athletics - Expectations

Expectations of Student/Athletes: All St. Michael School student/athletes are required to follow all St. Michael School and EAA League rules.

  • Every student/athlete is expected and required to conduct themselves with the utmost respect and sportsmanship towards opposing coaches, players, officials, fans and to one another.

  • A sports fee of $60/season is mandatory for every athlete participating in a sport.

  • By EAA league rule, each student/athlete may participate in one sport per season.

  • Each student athlete must wear the complete uniform provided by St. Michael School.

  • The complete uniform must be returned at the end of each season in the same condition (except for normal wear) it was given or the student athlete will pay to replace the missing uniform or will be ineligible to play in the next season.

  • Any student absent from school is not eligible to play or practice in any St. Michael School athletic event on that day.

  • The student must notify the Coach by email or phone call if he/she is unable to attend a practice or game.

  • The student must notify the Coach by email or phone call if he/she must leave a game or practice early.

  • Any student who does not notify the coach of absences from practices or games will not play in the next scheduled game.

  • Use the EAA League Toolbox website to receive emails from the Coach, AD, or EAA Board, check stats, check practice and game times and locations.